Thursday, September 8, 2011

David Bortman's Resume

David Bortman
1257 Siskiyou Blvd #144
Ashland, Oregon 97520

To Whom It May Concern,

I understand this contact is unsolicited and appreciate that you must be very busy. So thank you in advance for taking a moment to review this resume.

Several years ago I made a series of discoveries that helped me to support the success of others with a side effect that generated very profitable business and a strong sense of customer loyalty. These insights occurred in an industry that has been around for centuries and to this day continues to be plagued by mistrust, it is an industry where sales struggle to be consummated, and at a very high cost due to the low 20% closing ratio. 

As I taught my clients, the retail jeweler, about these discoveries and how to apply them, their closing percentages increased dramatically and were sustained because it helped their clients to fundamentally feel more skillful, more capable and worthy.

Having been self-employed for most of my life, I know what brings the best out of me so I can support the success of others. I am looking to work for a company that has a vision for a better future for its customers, employees, stake holders, and society; a company that cares about what it does and how it does it in terms of driving sustainable value through the organization, into their families and community. 

This perspective guides my business and personal life. Many companies today see this approach as strategic to assuring customer loyalty, growth and profitability. This is the paradigm I want to support and be a part of.

I look forward to speaking with you.


David Bortman


David Bortman
1257 Siskiyou Blvd #144  •  Ashland, Oregon 97520
(541) 531-8300  •

Objective: to work for a company that develops profit by driving sustainable value through its workforce and into society 

Summary of Qualifications

• Self-directed, motivated and result driven; proven ability to develop and expand    

• Strategic pursuit for the most efficient way, with the least expense, to get the job done 
  without sacrificing value

• A perennial learner with an eye for creativity and innovation

• Able to work independently, as well as in a team incorporating the wisdom of others

• Extremely organized; precise, methodical with a tenacious approach to problem solving 
  and achieving goals

• Prospecting in-person, online, and using the telephone to cultivate and maintain 

• Listening skills to successfully “walk in the client’s shoes”

• Presentation skills: skillful discussion, small group exploration, networking, developing  
  and leading seminars both online and off

• Computer skills, layout and design, powerpoint presentations

• Prolific writer

Relevant Experience

Business Development

• In a mature and highly commodified industry that averaged a 20% closing ratio I taught 
  several businesses an approach, which increased that ratio 100% up to 350% within a 
  few weeks. A noticeable side effect was improved customer loyalty and referrals.

• Applied accelerated learning techniques to help clients understand value more readily, 
  at which point they often spent significantly more than their initial declared budget so 
  they could get what they really wanted.

• Manufactured a wholesale line of gold, platinum, diamond and precious stone rings. This 
  entailed coordinating a dozen resources from suppliers to manufacturers to wholesalers, 
  and necessitated a diligent focus to assure quality control at critical points along the way.

• To determine market acceptance and assure successful product launch, utilized 
  customer focused research that employed mystery shopping, one-on-one interviews, and 
  exit surveys.

Publications and Marketing

• Developed long-distance, ongoing partnerships using the telephone and FedX to create 
  a national distribution of diamonds and precious gems to the retail jeweler. At that time 
  this way of doing business was virtually unheard of in the jewelry industry.

• Wrote and self published the book “Stop Selling, Make More Money,” which detailed the 
  process that creates differentiation, value, loyalty and profitability.

• Consistent and successful use of social media and interactive online platforms.

• Use Word, Photoshop, Acrobat and page layout tools such as QuarkXpress and 
  PowerPoint to create brochures, posters, manuals, books, articles and content for blogs 
  and websites.

Work History

2011 - Present  
Market Research / Program Launch      WebSpirit Community             Ashland, Oregon

2010 - 2011  
Develop Wellness Program                    Success Systems Intl., Inc.    Medford, Oregon 

1997 - 2011  
Dialogue Coach, Consultant                  Thought & Company                NH / OR

1986 - 2004  
Retail Diamonds & Gems                       Diamond Source Intl.              Ctr. Sandwich, NH

1983 - 2004  
Diamond Wholesaler, Importer              Bortman Trading Company Ctr. Sandwich, NH